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Stumbled again (i love stumbling!!) over this article about the basics of using actionscript to create a RTS/Strategy type of flash game.

I find it especially intriguing ’cause the actionscript source itself pretty much is commented about at every line, so i’ve managed to pick up and apply my own needs with various areas of that chunk of code.

It’s great reference and/or base source material for anyone that’s also into Flash game development.

Have a deeper read over at the source article:

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I have to say, first up, the dell 2408WFP is around 2 or 3 years old now, with a couple Revisions done to it, they are currently at “Rev A02″ shipped. Rev 02 knocks out all the kinks in the older revisions, making the Dell 2408WFP a King of all 24” Monitors.

or is that been bumped now?

Dell has introduced its new model into the 24inch monitor range, and it’s a killer buy too. The new Dell U2410 monitor uses a H-IPS panel from LG. The 2408WFP only uses a Samsung PVA panel…

I recently had the 2408WFP, after trying to use it for 3 weeks, i’ve decided to return it to Dell, despite all the rave reviews about it. Yes i must say it’s truly a magnificent 24incher (2408wfp), but being a PVA panel, and having had moved up to this from an older Dell 2005WFP monitor (which, is an S-IPS panel), i could not get myself accustomed to the PVA technology.. the Viewing Angle felt dramtically smaller in comparison with even the old 20inch IPS panel monitor i had prior.

It resulted in intense Color Shifting for me, making it hard and very uncomfortable to read Email or Text documents (black font against a white/bright color background..high contrast documents). It caused eyestrain on me and headaches. Color Shifting is not the same as Viewing Angle, many might think it is but they are two different things.

If i was able to rid/calibrate that 2408wfp the right way, i’m sure it would have fixed the color shifting problem. However, i couldn’t and thus my inability to make it a keeper. Aside from color shifting troubles i had, put that aside, and wow, i must say 24inches of such wide-gamut colors is breathtaking. Movies and videos looked fine, and immersive because of the size of the screen itself.

I for one love high resolutions, and that 2408wfp gave me just that, a 1920×1200 resolution (16:10 aspect).

So comparing the 2408wfp to the new U2410, i’m pretty confident to say i would, if anything, take the U2410 over the 2408wfp any time. The U2410 seems much closer to my experience with the 2005wfp model, both of these having IPS panels. With the newer U2410, it not only increases my physical screen size, it also increases resolution estate from 1680×1050 to 1920×1200! Also, the U2410 sports an even wider gamut/range of color, so in theory, the U2410 will be our new King of 24inchers.

Things to note about the Dell U2410, is that there are complaints about it from the people that already own this. The biggest complaint being an annoying “graininess” visible across the screen, and “bad dithering issues while using the sRGB modes” of the screen. These complaints however, are followed up by the same persons saying “i dont see the problems anymore after more usage”.

Another common complaint going around now too, is that there are “stuck-pixels” on the U2410 that people recieve. The pixels are not dead, they work, they light up. They just dont change colors.

With all these problems and some other less common complaints though, Dell has willingly done all exchanges/refunds where requested for this monitor.

Prices between the U2410 and 2408wfp aren’t much different, but both are pricey. In an average shopper’s terms, you could easily buy 2 or 3 other 24inch monitors with the money you spend buying a single U2410/2408wfp.

But. For the price you willingly put down, every, single, buck, is totally worth the while. These 2 monitors have an entire range of input connections, unlike other standard consumer monitors (your 150buck 24inch monitors). With HDMI, 2 x DVI, VGA, Component, Composite, USB ports, Card Readers, and even HDMI Audio Output, your money spent here will cover your every need (PC, Mac, PS3, Xbox, Wii all-in-one).
On top of the full range of connections, you get a quality “pro-technology” panel, PVA with the 2408wfp, and H-IPS for the U2410. Both technologies far superior over TN panels (which is the mass monitor market).

All in all, from where i stand, i’d give the Dell U2410 the crown over the 2408wfp. :D

If you are ready to bite the bullet and get your hands on this beauty, wait for Dell discounts on the U2410. It will be very worth the wait ’cause their deals are killer.

Further Reading:
CNET.com Dell U2410 Review
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Learn more about the Panel Technology Types (TN vs PVA vs IPS)

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Gosh. It’s launched.

The all new title in the Need For Speed franchise. Shift.

Everyone knows the Need for Speed series has been plummeting downhill with it’s previous iterations. Players just didn’t want anymore flashy street racing, and the series has been getting hit hard by critics.

But with this new Need For Speed: Shift, it definitely looks like they’ve finally, turned corners with the franchise.

It’s getting great reviews from big hit game sites like Gamespot and Gametrailers.. “9.1 out of 10″. Something this series seriously been needing.. :D

I’ve not had the chance to check this game out personally, but I’d really love to at least find a demo for it somewhere. The in-game videos and screenshots certainly are breathtaking and, refreshing. Today’s racing games certainly look spectacular…high-poly car models/textures, awesome game rendering engines..gorgeous.

Alot of hardcore fans of the Racing genre have been putting up comments about how Shift still can’t compare to other “pure-racing” games out on the market, namely the also-new Forza 3 and Gran Turismo for the consoles (Xbox/Playstation)..but….but…Shift does hold up strong and there’s critics that claim this title is better than the other named racers.

Well..check out the videos and further reads:

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the newly released Playstion 3 Slim, by Sony, has done an impressive 150,000+ consoles sold within opening 3 days in the Japan market.

not sure how that stands up to what it was doing previously? before the new “Slim” models of the Playstation 3 was available, something like under 10,000 consoles were selling each week..on average.. compare that to the 150,000 in just-3-days.

Compare that, with XBOX 360 weekly sales..around the same “under 10,000″.

For the U.S Market, vendors have noted sales being boosted to something like +300% with the release of the PS3 Slim.

What else does this mean? More people at home now have a ps3. More developers will start to make and push games for this platform. The Playstation 3 is finally, getting it’s limelight. Xbox fanboys…don’t be too hard on yourselves :D

Read original article on Gamasutra:
Playstation 3 Slim Sales Soar

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Article i found showing just how much people are getting involved and believing in the iPhone Game Application market.

Apple, company responsible for the infamous iPhone/ipodTouch, “revealed that 21,178 titles are currently available for download from the iTunes App Store.”

Comparing with other Portable Gaming Devices suchs as Playstation Portable, Nintendo DS (modern age Gameboy)…the iPhone has at a minimum, 5x more games available than those 2 platforms combined.

Playstation Portable “has 607 titles”(games) available, and the Nintendo DS “has 3680 titles” for consumers.

Awesome eh? Apple also notes the newer models of iPhones will boast stronger hardware, allowing games to run and look better on it..meaning the games are just gonna keep coming. more, more and more.

These numbers reflects our average society today. Shows us how much we’ve accepted Gaming into our lifestyles today…and shows us that Gaming, is here to stay. Gaming has become so much a part of our lives now, be it casual or hardcore-intense gaming…we all love games.

It also shows me just how much competition there is now…i’ve “missed the boat”, and piercing into this now-humongous mobile game market is gonna be dreadful tough.

Check out the original article here for a better read :D
Apple: iTunes App Store Hosts More Than 21,000 Games

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been a good year at least, since the hype for Crytek’s “Crysis” game was fed & satisfied. With just one expansion so far that’s fully built on the CryEngine2 “Crysis: Warhead”….there’s still plenty more to see just what the engine can do.

or can we.

Crytek’s already demonstrated a newer CryEngine3, but bringing only a few “wows” and “ooohs”. Reason being it’s really nothing too new, CryEngine3 is just a tweaked up version of its predecessor so consoles, like the Xbox & Playstation, can too, have their version of this mouth-watering game engine. Does it hold up? Nah. The original CryEngine2 for the PC is still just as strong, if not, still the King of CryEngines. I still haven’t seen any studio push as hard as Crytek does to put art & visuals as high a priority as say gameplay, game design, or story. Sure, sounds like they decided not to skimp on any aspect of the game, but they do lose out on market size..and, that, does, not, matter. ;D

Enjoy the video. This is what makes me proud to be a Game artist. Unreal Engine 3 still needs work, if i have to decide anything. ;)

(Video not made by me and is not mine!)

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news around about Disney, Walt Disney, yes yes, Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck Disney, buying out Marvel! Marvel is the group with the famous Spiderman & X-Men series..including Fantastic Four and the Hulk and other classic child Superhero favorites.

Disney is said to be buying over Marvel in a $4billion(USD) deal..and there’s alotta comments already regarding the future of what a Disneyland-Marvelled will be. It’s a really significant and interesting “merger”. Marvel is more targeted to grown-ups, while Disney seems to be targeted to lil’ kids. So yes, the combinations of a “SuperHero Team” in the future appears to be confuzzling. “Mickey Mouse tag-teams with The Hulk to rescue Daisy Duck from the evil clutches of Venom!”

Brilliant eh?

Check out full articles for a deeper read:



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