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geez.. last post was december last year.. blogs meeting its inevitable fate!


anyways, for my still-loyal followers, here’s an update of what i’ve been up to!

classes are back in full cycle again now, and it turns out all 4 classes i signed up for, are heavy on project work…i signed up for this History class, which i assumed would be just reading and writing sorts, but there was an opportunity to opt to take own a personal hands-on project to mod a game or something along that lines, and of course, i jumped on it immediately! i felt i would benefit alot more from this option, as opposed to writing papers for the History class, my work i do here will possibly end up in my portfolio for my future, don’t think a paper would fit anywhere hehe.

so, yes, 4 giant classes, 4 giant projects simultaneously, most pressure i have ever faced. Another class i’m taking right now is a Game Development class, where we’re simulating an actual game development office, the class is split into various production teams (artists/programmers/etc), and we’re collaborating on building a game in the Unity game engine. The first major milestone in our development timeline will be this years GDC 2010 (Game Developers Conference)…the directors want to have a playable demo of the game ready for the show..so there’s a lot of pressure, and absolutely no time to fall behind in any of our tasks, otherwise the entire team crumbles..it’s make or break! You can find out more details about this class and the game project over at SemesterGames.com.

here’s a picture of my work in progress for this game project, had to model a 747 plane:
Boeing 747 (clik for full size)

As noted earlier, i’m also working on another game project, more personal for this one, so i decided to build a level (map) for Team Fortress 2. I simply adore the art style this game took on, and i could go on another whole post about the game’s art direction alone, but yeah, it’s brilliant…so i’m hoping to create something that is in line visually, with the game’s style..but of course, being a level, it will need to also offer great gameplay, so there will be some level design skills displayed together. ;)

At this point of the project, mostly all the work is technical tests. I have to make sure i have understood all the ins-and-outs of the Hammer editing tool, and make sure the technical assets which drive the game, works. A great example is that for the game, players will need to “deliver a payload” (push a cart) along a track to the opposing team’s headquarters. Setting this up alone (the track, the cart, being pushable, etc) took me forever to figure out how it works, and even when i did think i had it all set up right, after compiling i went to try it out in the game, and it did not work, so there’s fixing to do, which means burning up more time. There’s various other key elements to the game level, so you can already see this isn’t going to be a straightforward deal.

here’s pictures of what i’ve got so far with this TeamFortress2 level:

the 3rd project i’ve got my hands busy on is a game(low poly) character…requiring to model, texture, and then rig and animate..notice i’ve pretty much not done any rigging/animating, its not my thing lol. but i’m up for the task either way..it should make something for my portfolio. i focused alot more on the model’s topology for this project, something i have always been aware of, but rarely really put this much focus onto it. Good topology is critical for any model that will be animated, and it takes an extra good eye to be able to create such topology..which i kinda struggle with to be honest.

here’s the character’s work-in-progress shots:

there’s a 4th project, it’s also a modeling project, modeling a generic human male model, with quite a fair bit of detail, but i’m not too happy with the outcome i have so far, so won’t show anything for it yet.

well, this is what i’ve been drowning myself in for the past 2 or 3 months since my last post lol…signing off!

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