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About Me: Samuel Hum | PencilGym.com

About Sam

Name: Samuel Hum
Age: 24
Birthday: 19 March 1986
Education: Academy of Art University (present)

- Pursuing Bachelor of Fine Arts in 3D Modeling, emphasis on Gaming.
- Passionate about my work & games
- Very motivated individual
- Quiet guy initially, louder and funnier after warming up
- Loves working in Teams, gets along very well with pretty much anyone that wants to know me
- Great team player, nothing better than collaborating with others on a given project!
- Fast learner

- Gaming
- Game Development
- Sound design, Audio
- PC Hardware, Software Modding
- Movies/TV
- Outdoor fun (soccer, go-karts, rock climbing, etc)

- Adobe Photoshop
- Adobe Illustrator
- Adobe Flash
- Autodesk Maya
- Autodesk 3DS MAX
- Valve’s Source Hammer
- Zbrush
- Technical Support (Computer(PC) Troubleshooting/Advise/Custom PC Building)
- Web design, poster design, advertisement art

- Model & Texture Artist, SemesterGames, 2010-present
- Art Book collaboration “The Story of the Sea”, digital animator using Adobe Flash, 2009-2010
- Developed my own mini-game using Adobe Flash, collaborated with other programmers, 2005-2006
- Community Manager for large Counter-Strike community (SgXplorer.com), managed and handled 3 game servers on my own for the community, 2005-2006
- Level creator for the “Soccer Mod” team for Counter-Strike game, 2002-2004
- Scripted small add-on plugins for Counter-Strike game, using “AMXMod’s Small C” language, 2002-2004

Me describing me: (April 2009)

Hmmmm. I’m quiet, usually…i give really bad first impressions. I love playing games, but most of the games i play, are nothing but demos. It’s all i need personally, to get a feel for the game’s design. I love to play video games to see what each development team has done, what new innovation if any, has been put out into the industry, and what the developers could have done to improve a certain aspect of the game, usually stuff like “what i would have done if i was the developer“.

I believe strongly in the MMO/Online Game sector of the industry..i see it as the future of gaming. Playing a game with friends and other people is what Games are really all about.. just go back to games like Tag, or Hide-n-Seek, a game is played through the generations because of the interactivity between other human beings.

I have a strong passion for the Gaming Industry (and movies, but i think games are much more interactive & social than watching a movie on a couch)..and that’s my goal in life, to be either running my own company or to be part of a company that becomes the ‘next big thing’ in the gaming industry. I want to be part of the team that pushes the envelope, expands the limits of what the art form is capable of, and set new heights for the Industry. Example studios i get inspired by include the Valve team (Half-life/Portal), Crytek team (Crysis), Unreal team (Epic Games), & ArenaNet (GuildWars).

But the road to get there, doesn’t look like an easy one at all. (:

Stuff I Read:
- Game Developer Magazine
- Gamasutra.com
- MaximumPC
- Computer Arts Magazine
- Got Game (book by Harvard Business School)
- Creating the Art of the Game (NewRiders)
- Level Design for Games (NewRiders)

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3 Responses to “About Sam”

  1. 1
    kanami Says:


  2. 2
    Ale Says:

    hehheehe woah :D if i were a manager i would hire you right now

    and yeah xD once you warm up you are not quiet at all
    nice to read about you and your dreams and goals =) that speaks almost everythin about you

  3. 3
    Trevor Chandler Says:


    Please contact me if you are available for some 3d modeling work.

    Thank you for your time,

    Trevor Chandler

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