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Valve Hammer aka Worldcraft | PencilGym.com

Valve Hammer aka WorldCraft

Salvaged some really old screenies of my work (2002 – 2005) in Worldcraft which has now been renamed to Valve Hammer. This tool (or program) was released for mod development, based around the very old school Half-Life 1 Game Engine. The game i built my levels for using this program, was Counter-Strike. Everything i know about this tool, was self-taught.

Made alot of levels, or “maps”, as they were referred to with Worldcraft users. I also officially developed levels in conjunction with the Soccer Mod team (AMX Soccer Mod). The team had no mappers for their project, so i offered my talents and was their resident level designer for this mod. They had programming skills, but for the mod to function correctly, they required a different approach to level design/mapping, and i volunteered to undertake that task and i learnt/figured out what the special requirements were needed, and how to incorporate it seemlessly into the level. It was very exciting to see the mod take off, being a first of its kind..one time i was walking past a cyber cafe in downtown, and saw a whole bunch of kids playing the mod, on my levels..publicly! It felt soo good, it was the very first time i saw my work ‘outside’ of home. There’s been various newly developed versions of Soccer Mod over the past couple years, but none like the original that i worked on ;)

I also hosted my own game server specifically for releasing my completed levels to the public..i ran my own forums to let players post feedback on what they felt about the level. The feedback was always inspiring to me, and was always mostly positive..meaning they loved my levels! yay! Eventually it led to me finding and meeting a great group of players, which then became my close friends.

This love and joy working and building these levels, lead my desire to work in the Game Industry as a career.

Shotgun Base (one of my best i did, and the very last one i did before i stopped working with the program)

Tensionlock (lost the completed level screenshots..pooo)
———-webpage to be updated later———-

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    Jake Says:

    Hey sam, nice map :D

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    Inspirational moments: old game level work | PencilGym.com Says:

    [...] Valve Hammer aka WorldCraft [...]

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