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3D Modeling: Sacred Alter Room/Munny | PencilGym.com

my work from the last semester…improving on the technique/basics of workin in Maya, but art-skill still just amatuer and growing..one day..i’ll get there to that level of demand.

Room Environment project, base model given to us to texture. Texture budgets were determined before beginning the project.

Munny project, base Munny models were given to us to texture. Munnies (or Munnys) are vinyl collector toys made by KidRobot. They are sold as white/unpainted toys, where artists take ‘em home to create their own characters, coloring them with any available media (crayons/sharpies/paints/etc).
We did ours in 3D … hehe. Fun project i loved it.

(clik image for full size)

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