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Hi-Res 3D Model Dreadnought: WIP 002 | PencilGym.com

Alright… it’s inevitable blogs die out..

i’ve been simply too busy with my work to be writing new stuff lately..


this is the majority of the reason why:

i present my latest 3d model, the Dreadnought, from Warhammer 40,000.

I previously posted my work-in-progress for one of the sidearms of the droid, and i know i should have posted smaller updates, but i just forgot to and didn’t have the time to..

This is certainly one of the best work i’ve achieved personally, and it’s the biggest personal challenge yet as well..this is a planned High-resolution/high-poly model. all my past projects have been low-poly. This is my first undertaking for a high-poly model.

again, this model shown here is just a work-in-progress, it’s the furthest i have gotten, and absolutely far from my completion goal. This model is incomplete! There is pleenntyy more details to be done, pieces/parts missing, etc…!

But i would still like to get critiques as usual, so fire away!

And best wishes to everyone this Christmas, may all your wishes come true, and have a very blessed new year!

Warhammer 40K : Dreadnought 3D Model (Clik on images for Full Size)

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