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Inspirational moments: old game level work | PencilGym.com

was looking over my portfolio and work and how to reorganize it best, when i decided to just randomly search the web for my old but favorite personal work i did for a counter-strike map…entitled “shotgun_base”. (here’s the link to my record of the work)

and it was really emotional(?) and very inspiring to me when i found a couple cs game servers actually running the map at that very moment…5 years later and people were still actually playing on my level! it brought back so many memories and it was very gratifying to watch them play on the level, and seeing how gameplay continued to unfold with the level’s design. i had joined the most packed server, with 11 players on each team for a total of 22, it was a blast to watch them play and comment about their experience!

i wish i could have recorded an in-game video of it in action, but blast my pc having slight issues and very low on disk space..so the next best thing i did was to take some photos!!

it’s little things like this that keeps me motivated to continue pursuing my passion and dream of being involved in game production in one way or another..

“photos” from today’s trip: ^_^

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2 Responses to “Inspiring moments: old level work”

  1. 1
    stariyu Says:

    u should make more maps :D

  2. 2
    Sam Says:


    i would love to..! but if anything, i’ve moved on to the Hammer Source engine bandwagon too, and that’s a whole different ball game compared to the old Hammer…i made a Team Fortress 2 map though hehe :] no time anymore with all my focus now shifted elsewhere >.<

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