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here’s my “article pull out” for october…if you like what you read here, be sure to check out gdmag.com and subscribe!

this is a small interview with a student game development team over at the Art Institute of Las Vegas, Broken Mind Games.

they discuss the plus points of the Unity engine (which they used for their student game project “Fig”) and why they chose it over Unreal Editor. and i too totally appreciate Unity for it’s amaziiing ability to show new changes we make in the game real time, without the need to recompile the dam thing over and over again just to see our new outcomes…makes me recall the nights i spent waiting literally for my level to recompile in Valve’s Hammer editor to test out new lighting and gameplay flow in the level..”building new leaf…0…10…20…30…40..etc” sigh…Unity FTW!

they also talk about how team chemistry is extremely important…! doing activities with teammates outside of work is key! organizing simple, casual get-togethers to relax, play games, have fun, and most importantly, break down any ice between members! As the team in the article responded, work in the studio became significantly better once everyone bonded..teams would chat between disciplines and offer stronger and better feedback, contributing to an overall better end game!

in the past managing my own online communities, i always emphasized teamwork and encouraged the members to open up and look for positive ways to respond to one another (maybe now that i’ve grown up as an artist, the term used better would be “constructive criticism”?)…it’s “innate” in me to want everyone getting along with each other! :D

anyways, i strongly encourage you guys here to read through this article, it hits many heart points! (?)

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Hmm .. i wanna start a new category of blog, where i upload articles that i find particularly inspiring and/or useful from my GameDeveloperMagazine..hopefully readers (that don’t yet have a subscription to the mag) would find it beneficial! I also think it would be great for me to have archives of my own favorite articles =)!

Today’s article reflects on social games phenomenon Farmville!

Enjoy, Clik to zoom in:

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