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quoting from a MaximumPC Column writer,

PC Gaming is not dead, as much as it’s debated about…and the best Game of The Year 2010 was not Starcraft II, or Black Ops, or Civ 5. The best Game of the Year was Minecraft, and it’s not even finished yet. It proves that the indie model of small teams, low budgets, cheap prices, word-of-mouth, and startling creativity is once again the true center of PC gaming.

Minecraft is providing bulks of inspiration for Indie developers world wide. It’s simple “dated” graphics, sandbox style game, wide accessibility, has become a global cultural phenomenon in as little as a year.

Yes, it proves, a lot, for game development, we need fresh new creative ideas, and having insane rendering methods like parallex bump mapping or specular models make no impact on the project’s success. “Gaming on the Cloud” is also the next true frontier. Steam is doing it, Facebook social games has it, and mobile gaming from iOS and Android markets. Minecraft is a game on the cloud, all you need is a web connection, a “$100 netbook”, and you can hook up with the millions of players from around the world..or still enjoy it offline.

“why make a game to cater to your target audience? why not make a game that I myself would want to play? and then cross your fingers that everyone else out there wants to play it too?”
- Mojang Specifications

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lol i digg this game simply for their characters. :D

simple but still an interesting game concept…not a mechanic we havn’t seen before though.

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happened to see this piece of art in one of the forums, belonged to one of the users there with a strong sense of design and color..
although, im not 100% sure this artwork belongs to that user or issit just something that was taken from the web as well.

but i love it! it’s awesomeeee. so dope!

do u know what this is? :D
im actually gonna go make a few of my own now too hahas..

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woot.. came across this indie too, another one to track!
another Unity game, looking promising, i especially digg the environments :D

it’s all about epic mountains and waterfalls and hovering sky gardens ^^!

being developed by Wild Games Studios, slated for release only at the end of next year (end 2011).. =l
i wonder how big the team actually is..some pretty sweet environment work..ilikeilike.
gotta keep notes on this title! be sure to give it a look see :D

preview trailer can be found at the studio’s game site: http://www.dhailasadventures.com/

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was looking over my portfolio and work and how to reorganize it best, when i decided to just randomly search the web for my old but favorite personal work i did for a counter-strike map…entitled “shotgun_base”. (here’s the link to my record of the work)

and it was really emotional(?) and very inspiring to me when i found a couple cs game servers actually running the map at that very moment…5 years later and people were still actually playing on my level! it brought back so many memories and it was very gratifying to watch them play on the level, and seeing how gameplay continued to unfold with the level’s design. i had joined the most packed server, with 11 players on each team for a total of 22, it was a blast to watch them play and comment about their experience!

i wish i could have recorded an in-game video of it in action, but blast my pc having slight issues and very low on disk space..so the next best thing i did was to take some photos!!

it’s little things like this that keeps me motivated to continue pursuing my passion and dream of being involved in game production in one way or another..

“photos” from today’s trip: ^_^

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i just don’t get it…Minecraft has been nothing but absolute  success. It has become the latest viral bloggers craze, every site has something about Minecraft.

just what about this 1-man-developed “game” is so intriguing that has millions worldwide addicted?

i decided to give the game a whirl on my own finally, the free version “Classic” is readily available for play in any web browser. In this free version, players simply join a multiplayer game with other people, and build anything they can conjure up in their imaginations, with 1×1 cubes. It’s like Kindergarten and Building Blocks all over again. And that’s it.

the world loves that.

apparently as you can see from this Statistics chart available at the main website.

Last 24 Hours: 7280 Sales.

at €9.95 a piece, or about $16USD a piece, thats already $116,480USD. For just the past 24hours. And because it’s managed, updated, monitored, developed, debugged, all by 1 person, all that money goes straight to him. No publisher to split it with.

what gives? @___@
share your thoughts, why do you play it?

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epic short…are you freakin’ kidding me..!

guess which part is real, and what is digital :D

watch first, then check out the “making of” after…

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hmm… time has finally come, putting together my portfolio and demo reel..looking at some other reels out there to get ideas for presentation..and oh man..

the stuff coming outta VFS (Vancouver Film School) simply shadows out any of the work coming out of my school..at least in the 4 or 5 years i’ve been at my school, and visiting the winter/spring show events, i don’t recall seeing any kind of work as intense as the work by VFS students. Same degree program, but seems to be a whole different ball game at VFS.

either ways, these are my favorite reels and probably the most inspiring ones. it’s nice to see what another student that went through the same degree program but just at another school can achieve in the same time frame.

cheers and press on.

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here’s another really good inspiration for aspiring game developers.

proven yet again and over again, and very strongly with MineCraft, you dont need good art to make a million dollar game.

all it takes is an idea, and then executing it.

Minecraft has been generating more and more news, accordingly, this independantly developed “game” has sold over 200,000 copies, and caused Paypal to freeze the developer’s account due to “suspricious activity”.

In September 2010, Paypal froze Notch’s account due to “a suspicious withdrawal or deposit”. At the time, Notch said there was about €600,000 in the account (about 750,000 US dollars). As of September 12, 2010, the account has been unlocked.

A recent update released for Minecraft which returned over 1000 additional sales instantly within 24hours…and has been steadily continuing to rise.

Games like Minecraft makes me think about Farmville..another absurdly successful game. Game art? Average..Game Design? Outstanding. 80million players for Farmville.

Check it out, there’s a free version of Minecraft too.
Read more about Minecraft and the developer:

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Modnation Racers! Following in step of Sony’s other “play, create, share” games like LittleBigPlanet, Modnation Racers offers you, to let your imagination run wild and create your very own unique avatar, as well as a race kart… apparel, color choice, stickers, accessories, body kits, vinyls, decals, you can create just about anything your artistic soul can think of…

and then, race it.

Racing like the way of Mario-Kart style “battle races”, you get special bonuses during races to take down your friends and boost yourself into the lead. The race tracks themselves are equally whimsical, with random obstacles sprawled all around the environment, shifting bridges, big air jumps…andd after you’re done playing, dive head on into the game’s seemingly-equally-robust racetrack editor! Build the track of your dreams, then share it online with your friends and loved ones, and take them on in your very own “home turf”!

This might just turn out to the competitor of Mario Kart! Only time can tell, ModnationRacers releases May 25th, 2010, on the Playstation 3.

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Free MMORPG - Grand Fantasia


Really interesting game to explore and pick up on the rapidly expanding “Free to Play MMORPG” Trend..!

Might as well check it out! Visit the site and take in the vibrant art world :)

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Yay! Sequel for one of the most loved PS3 Games is about to arrive!

Little Big Planet 2 has a planned release for the Fall this year!

Seems to be offering a much more robust Game Builder for players to mess around with, opening up even more opportunities for modding and level creation. Different camera angles, more awesome lighting effects, “smarter” objects? o:

I think games like LBP are genius. You build a game, advertise it as a game where “you create your game, the way you want it, anything and anyway you like it!”

“Don’t only get to play the game, you also get to build your own levels and also download and play other players’ creations!” “You guys have made over 2 million custom games and worlds! Much moreee than we could have imagined!”

It’s genius!

Why work to build “DLC” to keep a game alive? Make your consumers do your work for you! Take “Modern Warfare 2″ for example…they push out like.. DLC Map Packs “+5 additional levels” every few months..

with custom game builders like Little Big Planet, you are pretty much getting 5000 “additional levels” every few months, and the work is done by your consumers, not by you!

haha, awesome x] Build something and have the world continue the work for you..hehehe..advertise it as a “build and share your creations“..

Sure, those “user created worlds” are free to download and share, so there’s no fee and can’t be labeled as “DLC”. But then, i’m pretty sure there will mean increased and continued sale of the game software itself, which probably makes up for the “free add-ons”. The game also features other purchasable stuff, like custom avatars for your in-game character, which you do pay for.

Little Big Planet 2 Debut Trailer:

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Another Gamasutra feature article, this time talking about game developers moving overseas in search of new work opportunities, and they’ve put up a lil’ something about Singapore and the gaming industry!

Singapore’s quality of life is “just amazing. Everything is super-efficient — especially the public transport system which is very organized and very cheap, the food is incredible, and there’s just so much energy in the air.”

- Claude Langlais,
Ubisoft Singapore

Haha, really? x) I guess you don’t realize these kinda stuff growing up there all your life, ’til you’re away from it and you start reminiscing it :D

Singapore is starting to show up more often on the map for game development, i’m really looking forward to see how much it grows there and what it grows into over the next 5 or 7 years. I myself was lucky enough to have had a chance to visit and speak to LucasArts Singapore back in 2008…as well as EA Singapore where i had a short chat with the VP-of-something x]

Other new game studios that had popped up in Singapore include Ubisoft and TakeTwo Interactive.

Full writeup at Gamasutra - http://www.gamasutra.com/view/news/28461/A_Global_Move_Worth_It.php

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Here’s another game with amazing art direction.

Yep, Limbo is an Indie Game too, developed for the Xbox Live Arcade platform only (unfortunately). I believe the game has won awards for it’s just-gorgeous art style…minimal yet still so powerful in conveying emotion in the viewer. Almost every part of the game, you can pause and it becomes a work of art, like a gallery showing.

The project began with 1 person’s basic sketches, which he made into a video (animatic), that captured the hearts of millions in an instant. Developers and publishers alike then opened up opportunities to develop it into what it is today. After 6 years of development, we have this beautiful piece of a game to appreciate.

This is just the reason why i have grown such a love for indie games. The art direction is usually what most Indiegames seem to focus on as a result of having limited resources/small man-power. Minimal, yet brilliant, simplistic nature of the games.

It drives home the fact that you don’t always necessarily need to make the next “Call of Duty Moden Warfare” or “Crysis” or “Unreal Gears of War” to win the hearts of gamers around the world.


Check out the videos!

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for peeps that havn’t heard of this game yet, i think it’s one of the best takes on keeping that retro-spirit in gaming, alive.

3D Dot Game Heroes, developed by Silicon Studios, coming out in a couple weeks (May 11, 2010) for the PS3 exclusively, features the “pixelated retro look” from the old days of gaming on our crappy low-resolution screens… picture the days of the GameBoy and it’s green & black lcd display.

now modernize that by throwing it into the realm of three-dimensions, and you get this gorgeous of a game. The soundtrack keeps in step with the retro vibe, an energetic loop-ish “MIDI” music, mixed in with some orchestra to bring it to the modern era.

some nitpickers already comparing it to Zelda games…but hey, it plays well and has one of the most distinct visuals in years of gaming.

check out more of the game! it’s beautiful.

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