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iPhone App Store hosts 21 thousand Games | PencilGym.com

Article i found showing just how much people are getting involved and believing in the iPhone Game Application market.

Apple, company responsible for the infamous iPhone/ipodTouch, “revealed that 21,178 titles are currently available for download from the iTunes App Store.”

Comparing with other Portable Gaming Devices suchs as Playstation Portable, Nintendo DS (modern age Gameboy)…the iPhone has at a minimum, 5x more games available than those 2 platforms combined.

Playstation Portable “has 607 titles”(games) available, and the Nintendo DS “has 3680 titles” for consumers.

Awesome eh? Apple also notes the newer models of iPhones will boast stronger hardware, allowing games to run and look better on it..meaning the games are just gonna keep coming. more, more and more.

These numbers reflects our average society today. Shows us how much we’ve accepted Gaming into our lifestyles today…and shows us that Gaming, is here to stay. Gaming has become so much a part of our lives now, be it casual or hardcore-intense gaming…we all love games.

It also shows me just how much competition there is now…i’ve “missed the boat”, and piercing into this now-humongous mobile game market is gonna be dreadful tough.

Check out the original article here for a better read :D
Apple: iTunes App Store Hosts More Than 21,000 Games

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