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Blizzard makes $2,000,000 in 4 hours | PencilGym.com

Blizzard Entertainment’s phenomenal video game/MMORPG (Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game) “World of Warcraft” aka “WoW” has recently released new downloadable content (DLC) for the player community.

This brand new virtual game item is a “Celestial Steed” or virtual Horse, that players can use to ride across the virtual game worlds. That’s all it does apparently, it makes your character travel quicker around the game.

and it costs $25.00 to purchase and download to your game account.

According to the reports/writeups on other websites, 4 hours in after the item was released (it was released around 9 or 10 in the morning), the Download Queue was already at 80,000 players..and rising.

4 hours, 80,000 units sold @ $25.00USD each. $2 million dollars by lunch break.

There’s alot of hateful comments and such circling this as well, something like “why so expensive? who would pay that? i could use that $25 so much better than a virtual horse.” Answers return with “It’s the person’s money, not yours. They decide not you.”

So, 80,000 players sounds CRAZY A LOT already.. but looking at it, the total online community stands at over 15million players (last i read reports of “14 million WoW players” couple years ago)..so 80k players is nothing really…instead, it does show that yes, the majority of players do feel that the item is not worth spending for. Nonetheless, it’s still $2million in 4 hours. Let’s see how many of us can say they even make $1k in 4 hours.

My source page: Blizzard Makes 2 million in 4 hours

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