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Carneyvale: Showtime for Singapore | PencilGym.com

this totally caught me by surprised, and instantly perked my interest all the way up.. because i saw the word, Singapore, in the title of the original article.

Carneyvale: Showtime … i’ve never heard anything about this game.. but being showcased on Gamasutra.. must mean something good about it regardless. It’s another indie game, with what seems to be a fairly small, core team of Singaporean developers. It’s developed with XNA (a fairly new application from Microsoft targetted for Indie developers), and appears to incorporate a physics system in the game.. any game with phsyics simulation always promises some kind of fun :D

Ima try to check this game out soon. I also look forward to one day, collaborating with a team of Singaporeans on a given game project.. Singapore is still a new face to the Game Industry, but by no means should you underestimate them either. Being new, means higher demand for talent, means getting selected to be on the team will be a little easier, since there’s still not enough to compete with.

This is another great inspiring article for me personally. It shows me what obstacles they encountered developing a game like this one..and i too can learn from them.  Being a Singaporean myself, and seeing that the country’s name has now broken onto huge top game industry sites like Gamasutra, is really very motivating for me as an aspiring game artist/developer..and of course, gives me a sense of pride to have been Singaporean (i recently gave up my citizenship of the country due to a decision forced upon me by the Singapore government, but my roots is still all Singaporean).

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