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Actionscript tutorial for RTS/Strategy Flash Game | PencilGym.com

Stumbled again (i love stumbling!!) over this article about the basics of using actionscript to create a RTS/Strategy type of flash game.

I find it especially intriguing ’cause the actionscript source itself pretty much is commented about at every line, so i’ve managed to pick up and apply my own needs with various areas of that chunk of code.

It’s great reference and/or base source material for anyone that’s also into Flash game development.

Have a deeper read over at the source article:

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5 Responses to “Flash Actionscript: RTS/Strategy Game Tutorial”

  1. 1
    arcade Says:

    I’ve read some posts and i like your blog.I’m just starting up my own and only hope that i can write as well , thanks!.

  2. 2
    Calvin Pihlaja Says:

    I like web design a lot. Your website is very nice. Do you guys know any good web classes that I can take?

  3. 3
    Letha Stoeke Says:

    28. Your function is genuine and factual. It is based on actual info and it shows you’ve carried out a great deal of research. I discover it very educational to some part.

  4. 4
    siouxgeonz Says:

    Welp, except the source page prompted a “don’t go there” message from Google…

  5. 5
    Sam Says:

    @ siouxgeonz

    hmm thanks for letting me know about that, i’ll probably update this post to declare that warning..

    as you probably noted this is a fairly old post by now, back at the time of posting, the site was legit and pretty well talked about over at dreamincode forums (flash developer forums)..havnt been following since, so dont mind me!

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