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Gaming by motion: Kinect | PencilGym.com

“You, are the controller.”

taking a breather off work and was watching youtube videos and a new Xbox Kinect commercial came on, for the Kinect game Kinectimals.

i am no way taking sides on any company or ripping on anything here, but I felt I share how I still felt about motion gaming, which has been the latest fad in all things Gaming, after mobile gaming (like on the iPhone and Androids).

Really…rolling around, playing dead and throwing myself down on the floor infront of all my friends like a clown.. , that’s what Kinectimals brings us.

“call me old fashion”…but what i took away from my $3000 History of Gaming class, is that games from the very beginning of time, has been the interactivity between us and a subject or object..and, you need something physical to interact with. At the end of the day, we need a controller. Like the “Greek Gods playing bowling”, it was still a ball of a rock being pushed down a pathway to make it collide with several other rocks further down ahead. How we interacted with the ball in that few moments determines the follow through and the result, the ball has weight, gravity, physical real world forces that we make our bodies react to and overcome and “steer” to for achieving our goal.

As primitive as gaming roots get, like when we go out camping, and find a stone. We skip the rock over water and see who gets the most skips over. That rock we hold in our hand, is still something tangible and physical and has all laws of physics applied to it. Without any of that, how would we have been able to get the 4th or 5th skip over that water?

Motion gaming is the same. That is why Nintendo’s Wii motion gaming is so successful and makes all sense. At the end of the day, we need something real to interact with. You can’t just, game in the air. Baseball is swinging a bat to a ball, I can’t fake that with a motion camera like the Kinect. The bat has weight, it lets me understand what and how I should swing it. The Nintendo Wii’s Wiimote can replicate that physical weight of a bat in our hands, which boils down to still having a game controller. Microsoft’s Kinect can’t do that, it will have to take gaming in to an entirely new realm to create games catered especially for that kind of “virtual” gaming.

Gaming was defined by the 1983 NES Game controller. Ever since it debut, this pose of our two hands holding this object in our hands with thumbs on a few buttons has stood the test of time right up to today with the Playstation 3 Dual Shock wireless controllers. And noone can take that away from us, we love our controllers. Touch sensitive gaming still boils down to something we touch and feel…still like a controller.

Again, this was not a dissing of any form of motion gaming. In fact, I can’t wait for the day where gaming does reach that new realm…except with everything released thus far, I don’t feel contented to say it is the New Gaming.

Microsoft’s Kinect technology is amazing. The electronic gadget is actually like it’s alive, watching us, listening to us, and responding to us. Phenomenal. Kicking back to watch a movie is as literal as it gets with the Kinect. “Play”, “Pause”, “Next scene”, all done without a controller, with our voice, and in our couch. Awesome. I’m not surprised really soon I could be like, “bring me a beer!” and I’ll have one in my hand, without ever leaving my seat.

But for gaming…really…Pac-man..Donkey Kong.. Doom… Duke Nukem… Wolfenstein.. Half life.. Halo…Call of Duty… Modern Warfare…Gears of War..nah..no Kinection with that.

Read on about Game Controllers, and it’s fascinating history: http://gadgets.softpedia.com/news/History-of-the-Game-Controller-2737-01.html

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One Response to “Gaming by Motion: Kinect”

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    Azrael Says:

    i bought the Kinect and i love it. Its amazing!

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