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GarageGames: Torque and InstantAction | PencilGym.com

So i’ve randomly stumbled onto this, really, neat..gaming website.

This seems to be the first of it’s kind, and truely groundbreaking? i think…

With InstantAction, (http://instantaction.com), all you need is an email address, and you are able to access some really cool games, in a full 3d game engine, without having to download any big, heavy files.
It pretty much is Instant Action, at any pc, from any where.
And, the best part, it’s multiplayer! Meaning you’re not just playing another ‘flash game’. Here you play fully built Capture the Flag or Deathmatch First-Person shooter games, or clash marbles online against other people all over the world.

I’ve been particularly attracted with the “Fallen Empire Legions” game. It’s a full first-person game, with a greaaat feel, Unreal tournament fans would feel at home, just that the game has pretty much only your typical Rocket launcher, grenade, sniper, and chainguns.

The game feels awesome, the graphics are smooth, pretty high standard, for a no-download, free, game.
I’ve been poking around this game’s technical aspect, and i believe all the Instant Action games are based off a really sophisticated yet fundamental game engine, called Torque, developed by GarageGames (if i have my facts right). There’s full physics in it too.

It’s a great engine, and they seem to push it for XNA, and Indie developers, so this is one game engine i will definately be checking out some time soon.

So, go check the site out if u’ve never heard about it yet.
Make an account, and log on..hopefully get a game or two with me soon!

InstantAction: http://instantaction.com

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