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Killzone 2: PS3 – Another Great Work of Art | PencilGym.com

I don’t know much about this game at all, but i just so happen to stumble upon the video review for this title, and boy… it looks soo awesome, from an artist’s point of view.

Early in the video, the narrator says the game has been under development since it’s E3 2005 show..and it looks to me all these years of work, paid off, especially visually. Kudos to the art team that worked on this game.

Lighting is great, effects are great, textures..gosh. Modeling, those environments look massive…there’s sooo much extra detail you wouldnt notice unless you actually took the time to look.

Can’t say much about how the game really plays out, but i would say judging from this video alone, this is one game to look at for inspiration..it’s up there with the Gears of War and Crysis specs.

And this is currently a PS3-only title too, hinting that the Xbox360 is too weak to support all this beauty ? Can’t and won’t say much about that either.

Enjoy the video.

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