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Microsoft's Xbox Kinect: mixed connections ._. | PencilGym.com

ok so i had to write something about this…everyone’s talking about it, and i just can’t take my mind of it and its bothering me texturing work!

Basically, the recently launch “Kinect” system for the Xbox360 has been met with literally, love-or-hate comments from all over. From what i’ve read up, it looks pretty much like it comes down to the “gamers” (50 million people) and “the rest of the world” (60 billion people)..where gamers all rip on the motion-controller system, and the rest of whatever makes up the rest of the world says it’s the best thing they have ever seen. The “rest of the world” is what all their marketing targetted, and is what caused the instant-sell-outs around the world. Reviews from a gaming perspective have been all negative and dreadful.


The Kinect is a motion-controller, where it watches your movements and translates it into game actions, essentially making it “you are the controller”.

My thoughts? I’ll pass thanks.

I’ve looked at all kinds of reviews from IGN, Gametrailers, Kotaku, CNET, all our standard big-name reviewers, and me personally find it seriously dumb to have someone play a game, without holding or wielding anything physical. Games from the very beginning demanded us to use some kind of physical controller, a joystick and buttons to push…today we have our wireless controllers on the PS3 and Xbox, and the likes of the Wii and DS. Why take that away? Who thought that would be a great idea to “drive a car” with nothing to hold on to? and then perform all kinds of flips and stunts..@_@

i think, the fact that there’s literally nothing physical to interact with makes it utterly hard to kinect with. Play pingpong with no paddle, wield a sword without a handle(?), fire a gun without a trigger,…really?

So as far as gaming goes, Kinect fails to connect. And i join the rest on this side of the bridge, to say i hope the games all fail for Kinect, and they decide to pull the plug for it.


as a breakthrough in technology, and the actual peripheral itself, i think it’s hands-down awesome. Voice command, total no need for a remote controller to watch movies, browse the net, shop online, it’s ability to recognize people of all shapes and color and lighting, it’s sooo awesome. i love it. love. it.

will i get one? not anytime soon.

where do you guys think Kinect is going? D: good or bad?

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3 Responses to “Microsoft’s Xbox Kinect: mixed connections ._.”

  1. 1
    Justin Vongkhamphanh Says:

    I knew this was going to happen. While the hard core gamers can see Sony’s advances in motion control, many people will look at the Kinect as another Wii knockoff that brings nothing new to the table.

  2. 2
    kinect live Says:

    I have to confess, I’ve been a huge Venture Natal/Kinect sceptic ever because it was introduced with that sham Milo walkthrough and an terrible lot of hyperbole. I’ve been trying to keep an open thoughts however the numerous rumours that have circulated about space, lighting and multiplayer points have been a trigger for concern. The advertising choice that Microsoft took to place this within the palms of mainstream journalists and celebrities relatively than anyone who really has expertise and expertise writing about gaming was extraordinarily worrying.

  3. 3
    Sam Says:

    it was said on another site too that microsoft made such ad campaign choices because they knew the Kinect was actually not gonna have a strong enough debut on its own to penetrate the motion gaming market, so they needed such vicious campaigns like the New York Time Square Live Dance Central launch party which clearly targeted the general consumer on the street with little knowledge what they would actually be spending their $250 bucks on…only to go home realizing it wasn’t anything they thought it would be unfortunately, thus all the mixed reviews all over the web.

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