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Modern Warfare 2: Millions from just DLC | PencilGym.com

A recent release of DLC (Downloadable Content/Expansions) for Infinity Ward’s “Modern Warfare 2″ makes 2.5million sales (at $15 a pop) in just the first week, with 1million of which was sold on the very first day of launch (for xbox360).

plain Awesome. @_@

Well, to put into some perspective, the single title alone (MW2) already sold over $1billion net in sales (eat that, Avatar!)..there’s numbers around confirming a constant average of 20 million players online at any one time, worldwide..so 2.5million sales for just DLC is small in that sense, but for ANY game DLC to even manage 1million in sales is already painstakingly impossible…

in my personal opinion, i’m not really sure just what’s so hot about Modern Warfare 2′s multiplayer. The singleplayer campaign is short, but it does deserve a hand or two for its presentation..the sales though is because of the multiplayer, but really, isn’t it just another war-themed-first-person-shooter? i could be wrong x] (i’ve not had the chance to play the game yet)

hay, but the world plays it, loves it, and even wants more content (DLC)…i’d work to make it happen.

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