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Sam takes a break...Medal of Honor yeah! | PencilGym.com

wooh..so today decided to take a break from all the UVlayout/texturing and personal other project ive been working on…fired up a short game of the new “Medal of Honor” online multiplayer. Also decided to try out my new iPod Touch’s Video recording abilities..so here’s the video of my play session! :D

turns out i ended up getting a few really great rolls and kill streaks…epic game! and the break only lasted like..barely half hour lol..then it was back to work!

and omg the environments have insane amounts of details..from rubble, rocks, debris, tires, crates, with bump mapping and specular and everything…omgomgomg alll kinds of tiny details everywhereeee driving my senses nutss.

anyways, enjoy watching me get eaten and eating up others too :]!!

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3 Responses to “Sam takes a break! Medal of Honor yeah!”

  1. 1
    jpsilvashy Says:

    lol, you got pwned a bunch of times!!! Awesome video though! I love it!! What montitor and video card do you have, I want to build my own system again soon and need to pick out some hardware.


  2. 2
    jpsilvashy Says:

    But!!! then I watch the second video and you had some really good kills! lol

  3. 3
    Sam Says:


    built this machine back in 2008 after returning to SF..

    been holding out on building a new rig too ’til im done with school at least… which will be in……………….. like 7 weeks? *epic*

    and thanks for commenting bro :D !! it made my day.

    yah, the 2nd video actually had a sweeter run lol.
    now, /force Like … Ha x]

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