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Indie Epic Film: Beyond Black Mesa | PencilGym.com

ok..wow. its like the only word in my puny vocab that i know to describe how…wow.. i was when i saw their new trailer.

FINally…anything with Gordon Freeman in my book = win. and this short film project, is pushing everything in that sense to the max. I absolutely appreciate all the effort they’re taking in creating this short film.

i only hope, and hoping really hard, it does not end up like the other 250 “half-life 2 Source Mods” which ended production before completion.. (yeah back when Half-life 2 made its debut and with it’s all new Source engine, mod teams were springing up like .. sprouts, promising all sorts of insane, awesome, mods based of City 17, Gordon Freeman, & Half life 2..only to end up with majority of the teams just disbanding their projects half way).

Beyond Black Mesa” has received superb reception, winning several Indie-film awards and getting into all kinds of magazines and buzz on the web. Definitely well worth the time to check their work out!!

I’m personally a huge, wait no, epic…yeah.. epic(!) … fan of the Half-life series. I feel all our games today, owe it to the original Half-life which debut back in 1998. It was Valve’s Half-life that changed games to what they have evolved into today. And it was Half-life 2 that raised the bar for our industry, yet again… from all standpoints, technical, artistic, storytelling, real time animation, rendering, materials, etc.

Enjoy, Beyond Black Mesa.

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2 Responses to “Indie Epic Film: Beyond Black Mesa”

  1. 1
    Joseph Silvashy Says:

    I hope this really comes out… or even better, I hope a real studio pays attention and an awesome feature length film comes out. Someone should call up James Cameron… Imagine that!!

  2. 2
    Sam Says:

    @ Joseph Silvashy

    i would hope that James Cameron actually played the game to be producing a film based off it… lol.
    then it would be so. so. epic!!

    Beyond black mesa is so win because if i’m not wrong the peeps making it themselves are huge fans of half life too..:D

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