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Sam’s Habits: Research Before Buying | PencilGym.com

Yash. I spend too much time reading, aka “researching”, products that i wish to buy.. (electronics/gadgets/geek boy stuff)

not really sure it’s a good thing, because i always discover another similar product with “better pros” than the original product i was researching about…then at the end of this extensive period of reading/web browsing, i end up stuck and torn between usually 2 products, and i get all frustrated about “which one do i buy now?!”

anyways, i’m sure alot others and i guess everyone else does do their own kind of “research” on a product they wish to buy… especially if it’s something pricey. Everyone wants that “BEST BANG FOR YOUR BUCK”…i’ve picked up this habit since early 2000s, i typically spend literally, hours n hours, amounting to weeks, reading up on specifics and up to minute details on something Sam wishes to buy!

I don’t read much..like on a normal day… i’m not much a reader as a person, i don’t like books. It’s strange how much i can spend just reading internet reviews, consumer feedback, technical details, theoretical information regarding the technology behind the product i’m buying (ie what is sound? when im buying speakers…or what is a monitor? for when i’m looking for a new monitor screen.. or what makes a digital slr camera? for when i’m looking at getting a new camera).
Pretty much each page i end up reading, will link me to yet another whole page with even more feedback, details, etc…the knowledge keeps coming!

Anyhows, point is, i believe everyone owes it to themselves to do their own version of ‘researching’ a product they plan to buy. It’s simply like buying a house or car, you explore your options, you spend weeks walking through showrooms, test driving cars from different manufacturers.

The last thing we all want is to say “i wish i didn’t buy this.” :)

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