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Wow. yea, probably ‘Wow-wee’d tooo many countless times now. I still have yet to do my personal write up on Crysis, and of course also for it’s Expansion, Warhead.

But this write up is just to blabber about how overly impressed i am with this game’s Mines. Well okay, the entire game is amazing and hard to put into words because it’s that good..but i just can’t get over how greatly detailed and rendered thier mineshaft is..just beautiful.

So there’s a level in the game, the expansion, Crysis: Warhead, where you find yourself crawling through underground deserted Mines (like you know..miner’s tunnels with all those carts and rails, like Indiana Jones). Many many games have mine tunnels exactly like this. Tunnel, carts, cart rails, caverns, wood, cracked wood, pipes running along the dirt walls, little underground shrubs n plants n roots..some leaks n steam here and there. It’s all done before, and very ‘typical’ when someone is asked to “Design an underground mine tunnel” for a game scenario.

But “Crysis: Warhead” has gone beyond and added sooo much much more detail into their work, it’s so beautiful. You get a serious sense of being inside this wet, dark, merky, deserted shaft..with great water effects and lighting and bump maps all around. I have never seen any other game with a better rendered mine shaft. I thought Half-Life 2 (by Valve, 2004) was mind-blowing at the time too, they had tunnels like this one too, just less detailed due to technical limitations and rendering technology..”Gears of War” has some outstanding underground tunnels and lairs too, but i feel that it being a console game, the limits were set a little lower compared to what Crysis has to offer..

This video i made on my own, with Fraps. I’m running the game at 1680×1050 resolution, with every visual setting cranked up to the maximum max, only no Anti-Aliasing (don’t need it with such a high resolution already) and no “DirectX 10 glory”…as you can see my frame rates are perfect for a good gaming experience..even with Fraps recording in the background.

This video has been compressed for Website limitations (upload/downloading times & bandwidth issues)..so, naturally, this video does not display the full richness of the environment/level..and if you’re impressed with what you see in the video, you have to go see the game real-time, and experience it yourself in it’s full beauty.
Hope you enjoy it.

Video: (you need Quicktime player to view)

Download video: (237mb) http://pencilgym.com/media/fraps/crysis_caves01.mov

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