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Dell’s finally released another IPS monitor, the new 24 inch U2410 monitor. Granted it only just launched in Japan & i believe UK now, the USA launch is still not here yet.

i’m a little disappointed this “new” monitor does not give us LED backlighting technology, but instead still continues with the CCFL backlight technology (well though Dell says it’s an enhanced-version of CCFL backlights..still not LED!)

There’s still no good in-depth analysis of this new Dell U2410 IPS-based monitor, but i do think it will become the next new champ of monitors at the price range (of around 600-750 bucks before tax, so i heard). Do take note, this is one of the very few, if not the only, 24inch IPS monitor to have a full range of inputs..including HDMI, Display Port, Component, Composite, not 1 but 2 x DVI ports, and VGA port, and also Card Reader and USB Ports. That means you can use this 700bucks monitor for not just your computer, but hook it up to a PS3 and/or Xbox and/or Wii, and DVR/Dvd player, and TV, all simultaneously. Saves you the money of buying a screen for each individual purpose!

And, naturally, with a newer (and im betting superior as well) high-end product out now, Dell currently has the other 24 inch king of monitors, the Dell 2408wfp, on sale! The price has been tagged all the way down to 395bucks before tax, and it has free shipping! This is the cheapest and best best deal anyon can ever get for such a beauty monitor as this one.The offer expires on the 20th of August 2009 i believe, which is less than 4 days remaining if you’ve got any interest at all.

However, the 2408 is PVA, while the 2410 is IPS…would you jump the gun to get this PVA unbeatable-price, or wait an extra 5-8 months with high chances that the superior IPS panel U2410 will also be tagged with discount coupons.. choices!

but at the end of the day, it’s up to your eyes, and wallet.

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