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So i’ve randomly stumbled onto this, really, neat..gaming website.

This seems to be the first of it’s kind, and truely groundbreaking? i think…

With InstantAction, (http://instantaction.com), all you need is an email address, and you are able to access some really cool games, in a full 3d game engine, without having to download any big, heavy files.
It pretty much is Instant Action, at any pc, from any where.
And, the best part, it’s multiplayer! Meaning you’re not just playing another ‘flash game’. Here you play fully built Capture the Flag or Deathmatch First-Person shooter games, or clash marbles online against other people all over the world.

I’ve been particularly attracted with the “Fallen Empire Legions” game. It’s a full first-person game, with a greaaat feel, Unreal tournament fans would feel at home, just that the game has pretty much only your typical Rocket launcher, grenade, sniper, and chainguns.

The game feels awesome, the graphics are smooth, pretty high standard, for a no-download, free, game.
I’ve been poking around this game’s technical aspect, and i believe all the Instant Action games are based off a really sophisticated yet fundamental game engine, called Torque, developed by GarageGames (if i have my facts right). There’s full physics in it too.

It’s a great engine, and they seem to push it for XNA, and Indie developers, so this is one game engine i will definately be checking out some time soon.

So, go check the site out if u’ve never heard about it yet.
Make an account, and log on..hopefully get a game or two with me soon!

InstantAction: http://instantaction.com

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It’s finally here. one of the next biggest anticipated games of 2008.

Gears of War 2 releases tomorrow, november 7th.

The art is this game is outstanding..the models are all so well polished and finely detailed, and muddied up with all that grime and dirt texturing, together with it’s cinematic gameplay approach, GoW2 looks like it’s going to deliver to it’s hype. “Bigger, Badder, Better.”

Too bad it’s a Xbox 360 exclusive..for now. Microsoft won’t allow itself to lose out on the other huge market of PC users, so fret not if you don’t own a 360…i can guarantee you a PC version will soon be made..with even better higher-res textures, more ambience, bigger battles..since a PC can now, no doubt, handle that much more than a 360 in technical hardware terms. ;]

The game i feel, looks on par with those Lord of the Rings, Matrix movies ‘epic-ness’…with hordes of bad guys assembling, gearing up for one big epic clash between good and evil. I still marvel at the immense detail put into the environments, the lighting, texturing, modeling, soo beautifully rendered. Someday, my art work will be up to that standard, if not better. I’m struggling now on this seriously rocky road to make my mark, but i am determined and will get there sooner or later..just you wait..

Take a look at this video, and as you watch, think and observe how much thought and design is put into developing a “Triple-A” title, and note down the development roles each of those people interviewed play..
Game art and development has no doubt, come a long long way from your old days of “just shooting”.

and leave your thoughts & comments or sign my guestbook! :)

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Woohoo..successfully setup Fraps, and video embedding for the blog :D

And what better than to post up a video of one of my favorite racing games, Grid, by Codemasters. Grid is one solid racer. I play the game at 1680×1050 resolution with every Visual setting cranked up to the maximum max. And wow, this game is beautiful. Cars..are..rendered perfectly, the amaaaazing sense of speed the game captures, the audio of the engines, tires screeching and rubber on tarmac, AND the environments…breathtaking. I had a friend over and showed him a replay of one race (i dont have to control or touch anything since its a replay) and he had no idea what he was looking at, was in-game visuals, rendered real time at over 30 frames per second. “Omg that’s not a video Sam??” i giggled proudly, saying “yeah man, beautiful work isn’t it… this is what game art is all about.”

Well, enjoy. These videos i recorded from in-game (yes these are all real time, full framerates from the game on my pc!) are originally 1680×1050, and it looks waaay better than what you’re seeing right now in this vid. Too bad for website browsing compression. ;)

Leave a comment! :D

Videos: (you need Quicktime player to view)
Crash 001: Feel that intense moment this game captures and makes you feel when the black car gets clipped. Awesomeness! (oh edit here: wanted to add that it was probably also 70% audio that made the video that much more immersive, so crank up the volume hehe)

Download movie: (7.5mb) http://pencilgym.com/media/fraps/gridcrash01.mov

RaceLap 001: This is was my final lap in one of the races through San Francisco…stunningly modeled and rendered in the game! (The funny part is right at the end of the video, i’m hanging onto a huge lead through the lap, when just at the last twist in the road i crash big time, all the other 20 cars pile up behind me, but i still pull out in time to secure a silver medal :D )

Download movie: (135mb) http://pencilgym.com/media/fraps/gridlap01.mov

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