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This was my character i did in Illustrator, for one of my classes. Did a short presentation on it as well. Seems like everything worked out awesome at the end.

Jezebelle is a Pirate, but not just any ordinary mean, wrinkly, gruffy old pirate, but a young Pirate Claus, like a Santa Claus.

Here’s the presentation piece (which was actually printed out at 30x38inches):

Jezebelle the Pirate Claus (clik for fullsize)

Jezebelle the Pirate Claus (clik for fullsize)

Here’s her story:

Jezebelle's Story

Jezebelle's Story (clik for full size)

This was the sketch i did that started it with (eww.)

Sketch of Jezebelle

Sketch of Jezebelle (clik for fullsize)

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