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Here’s the final Room modeling project i worked on earlier this semester, which i’ve not had time to post it up on my site until now. I’m happy with how it turned out, it being my very first room project, never done it in maya before until taking this class.

(clik for full size)

And here’s my final project for the class. Modeled a Pod Racer :D from Star Wars. No, i’m not a Star wars fanatic. I just decided it would be a fun piece to take on and it was rather enjoyable working on it.
I learnt so much from this one class i took this semester, the professor was great too. As you can probably see already that my texturing skills already improved from the room project to this final project. :)

Everything on the model is hand-painted, no photo-sourcing/layering, except for the metal plating base on the turbine engines. Everything else was diligently(!) painted, up to the very finest details (if its still visible on the screenshots). The part i’m most proud of is the cockpit/pilot cab body. No, no photoshop-layer fx either. the darks and lights n ‘indentations’ were all handpainted..everything seems to have worked. The only tools i used when painting this was the Dodge and Burn and Brush tool. Oh yea for the grime i went to look for a whole bunch of grime-brush sets, readily available via google :)

and it’s still always improving with more i learn.

(clik for full size)

(clik for full size)

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